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Prep Talk - For All Who Compete

By Joe The Coach | July 8th 2019


Perspective for competitors. Please share, repost or tag friends/family that compete who could benefit from this. The contest prep season is in full swing. As a personal trainer I've had this same talk with many people through the years and felt it would be worthwhile to share.

Training and prepping for a show is grueling and takes a lot of focus, determination and sacrifice. This sport we're in, is competitive and subjective. As a competitor, if you just focus on the outcome of the show or how you place, then you are fully wasting the opportunity to benefit from so many aspects this sport has to offer during your own journey to the stage. Our sport isn't like a race where whoever crosses the finish line first is the clear cut winner, our sport is subjective. Yes, I said that again because it's crucial that you truly understand that. If you don't then this sport can and will eat you alive.

If athletes don't realize this early on then they're setting themselves up for failure. It's not just about the physical transformation from the outside but this sport is just as tough mentally as it is physically. Most competitors learn so many things about themselves as they go through the stages of prepping for a show. It takes dedication and a constant desire to push past your comfort zone and get a feel for what you're truly capable of. The journey is filled with joys and sacrifices and many ups and downs but how you handle it all can teach you a lot about yourself. The accomplishment of pushing through and making it to the stage is the characteristics of a winner. Everything you achieved and what you've worked hard for has already been done before you step in front of the judges and if you've give it your all and did everything you needed to get there, then you've already won. And nobody can take that away from you. But you have to believe that and you have to stop and recognize all the little lessons along the way.

Everyone goes into a show with a desire to win, but not everyone does. But that shouldn't mean you “lost”. Even if you won, there's always work to be done, improvements to be made and soon you will be setting a new goal to work towards.


The right perspective is crucial!